Cahaya Mahfuz di Panggung Sastra Dunia

Peresensi: Ali Audah*)
The Day the Leader was Killed
Penulis: Najib Mahfuz
Penerjemah: Malak Mashem
Penerbit: Anchor Books, New York, 2000

“My pride wounded and my heart broken, I wander aimlessly about like a stray dog. The heat does away with the pleasures of walking. Caf? Riche is a refuge from the pain of loneliness. ?This is a temple where offerings are made to the late hero, who has become a symbol of lost hope, hope for the poor and the alienated?” (Dari “Elwan Fawwaz Muhtashimi” dalam The Day the Leader was Killed) Continue reading “Cahaya Mahfuz di Panggung Sastra Dunia”